how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant

How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant


How to become a Pinterest manager

How does an extra $1000 per month sound to you? Maybe you need to supplement your current income or maybe you have a goal you’re saving up for.


No matter the reason, earning an extra $1000 per month working part-time sounds like a dream.


One of the best ways to do this is to offer a  service such as working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.


Why Pinterest? Because the platform is growing, it’s currently among the top 100 most visited sites in the world. Many business owners are using it to bring in traffic, increase brand awareness, and sell products.


What makes it so different from other social media platforms is that users on Pinterest use it to make purchasing decisions. Making it a valuable resource for business owners.


However, the platform requires a lot of dedication to succeed. Precious time that many business owners do not have. This is why many of them would rather outsource their Pinterest marketing.


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Pinterest virtual assistant course


My experience working as Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

I’ve been working as Pinterest VA for about 1.5 years. I first got started because I was desperate to earn some extra income to support my blog that was not making any money at the time.


For me, the goal was to earn $1000 in 30 days.


As a complete newbie without prior experience, I had to invest in training material such as the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook.


Investing in the right training material made the process easier for me. I knew what to expect working as a VA, how to price my services, and how to find new clients.


So far, the experience has been nothing short of inspiring. I have been lucky enough to work with established bloggers and learn from them. I’ve also been able to work with new accounts and watch them grow.


But the biggest benefit to this has been that I was able to earn money as soon as I began to support my blog. Besides, it has helped me become more confident in myself and my skills.


Working online can be very intimidating, you get a lot of rejections from people you’ve never met or will never meet. You also get opportunities to earn from strangers you meet via email.


With books such as the Pinterest VA guidebook, you don’t have to second guess yourself. You’ll learn about everything you need to do to get started and start earning.


How much do Pinterest Virtual assistants make?

Pinterest virtual assistants can earn as much as $15- 50/per hour. This number varies greatly depending on skill level and expertise.


However, because VAs determine their rates plus how many clients they want to work with, you can work towards your income goal. Be it working with 3-clients, 6-clients, or more. How much you make is up to you.


Can you make a living working as Pinterest VA?

Yes, you can make a living working as Pinterest VA.


As a VA, you’re free to work with multiple clients at the same time. It’s up to you to find enough clients to meet your monthly income goals.


Moreover, because you determine how much to charge for your service, it makes it much easier to reach your income goals.


what does a Pinterest VA do


What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

As a VA you will be required to;

  • Create click-worthy pins.
  • Schedule the pins either manually or via Tailwind.
  • Join group boards.
  • Leave underperforming or dormant group boards.
  • Creating SEO-optimized pin descriptions.
  • Business account setup (claiming account and enabling rich pins).


Keep in mind that these duties will vary depending on the client’s demands. You might have to do more on new accounts compared to more established accounts.


Review your expected duties with your clients to avoid any misunderstanding.


How to become a Pinterest VA without experience

To become a Pinterest VA even without experience;

  • Create a service template outlining all your services
  • Determine how much you’ll charge clients
  • Start pitching clients about your services
  • Start working with clients who accept your pitch.
  • Send invoice to clients for your services


All these topics are covered in training books such as the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook. Especially for beginners, you’ll learn everything you need to need to know start working.


You’ll learn how to price your services, factors to consider when choosing a service rate and so much more. Besides, you’ll also learn how to pitch to clients. How to make the most of your time once you start working with clients


VA courses are a must-have whether you’re a beginner or an expert at Pinterest. Providing your service at a fee means you’re in business and these books will help you learn how to manage your business best.


I love the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook because it provides great value at such a low price point. A fact that I appreciate because when I first got started, most courses I came across were very expensive costing between $500- $1000.


Moreover,  the guidebook shows you how to pitch clients successfully even providing you sample email templates to use.


If you’re just getting started with no experience, I would highly advise that you invest in books such as the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook.


Getting jobs as Pinterest VA


How to get jobs as Pinterest VA

The best way to do get jobs is by pitching clients directly via email.  As a VA working independently, it’s up to you to go out and look for new clients


Getting jobs was one of the major challenges I faced when I got started. I didn’t have resources such as the $50 Pinterest VA guidebook that held my hand through the process.


You can also get jobs through Facebook groups. However, Facebook groups can be very passive. Most groups only allow you to advertise your services only when someone asks.


So it more of a sit and wait kind of approach that’s not suitable when you’re just getting started.


As your clientele grows, you can use this approach but not at the beginning. When you’re just getting started, actively seek out jobs through email. You can send out emails every day, every other day, or weekly it’s all up to you.


Final thoughts on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant

You can earn your first $1000 within 30 days working as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Not only are you able to work from home but you’re also working Part-time.


With a service template and your rates determined, you can start pitching clients to work as VA. Your duties include things such as pin design, scheduling, and managing group boards, etc.


However, for success, invest in courses such as the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook that will walk you through all you can expect as VA. Besides, you’ll also learn the best ways to get VA jobs quick and easy.

How to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant