in demand virtual assistant skills

6 Most in demand virtual assistant skills


Virtual assistant skills

As a Virtual Assistant, your work with clients goes beyond providing remote support. You work as a problem solver, a confidant, a strategic analyst and so much more. Besides, because you work independently you have to keep your business organized and running smoothly at all times. This means always being on top of your finances, networking, taxes, communication, etc. A demanding role that requires expert-level skills every day. Whether your goal is to work with just one client or expand your virtual assistant services to several clients and niches. These are the skills you’ll need for success.

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In demand virtual assistant skills


When working remotely, being tech-savvy is the name of the game. Your tech skills have to go beyond being proficient in Microsoft word. You need a good understanding of how browsers, software, and other systems work. Don’t be that VA who keeps clients waiting because they don’t know how to set up a zoom meeting. You have to learn how to use new software quickly. Be it how to share passwords, documents, or setting up project management tools.


2.Plan and prioritize

As a virtual assistant, you need to know how to plan and prioritize your work.  First, you’re working with multiple clients at the same time. Plan out how you’ll handle all duties expected from each client. Is there something that’s time-sensitive that needs to be handle on a specific day? Have a list of priority tasks, a daily checklist would be most useful in this situation. You don’t want any of your clients to feel you’re not giving them enough attention. Besides if you want to work with more than one client you need to plan and prioritize how you’ll recruit more clients. All while still providing the best value to current clients.


3.Time management skills

Working as a VA, you set and manage your schedule. There is no one to supervise how you spend your time or if work assigned to you has been completed. When I first got started, I was a master multi-tasker. I’d switch from one client to the next and so forth. It felt like I was getting a lot done but in reality, I was wasting precious time. I was working full time but somehow never managed to get everything done. I always had to work during my weekends, that’s until I discovered batching and improved my productivity 10x. This is one of the insider tips I talk about in the Pinterest VA Guidebook. It’s one of the best ways I have found to make my work easier working with multiple clients.

4.Attention to detail

As a virtual assistant, your work is a reflection of your client. Any errors in your work reflect poorly on your client and your expertise.  Mistakes especially those repeated over time will make your clients doubt your abilities. You need to have a keen eye to point out mistakes before you present your work to your client. Avoid minor mistakes such as spelling and grammar. Also, pay close attention to emails when communicating with clients. You don’t want to call clients by the wrong name or send them the wrong details.


5.Effective communication

Working remotely is one of the biggest advantages of working as a virtual assistant. However, this advantage also comes at a cost to your client because they can’t physically monitor your work. To make up for this, communicate with your client effectively and often. This keeps your client in the loop, they’re in the know of any changes you make and what you’re doing. Also, a great way to build trust with your clients Constant and clear Communication also prevents any unnecessary friction or misunderstandings between you and your clients. For example, working on the same things hence wasting valuable time or working on the wrong things derailing the project.

6. Commitment to learn and improve

As a virtual assistant, you’re expected to be knowledgeable and experienced in a wide number of things within your niche.  You have to be willing to constantly learn about your field of interest.  Invest in books and courses that teach you new strategies. As a Pinterest VA, I pay $15 every month for a Pinterest mastermind group to keep up with all the changes happening with Pinterest. I don’t want to be in a situation where my client asks me about a new change they’ve heard about and I have no idea what it is. Moreover, learning will keep you ahead of your competitors making you valuable to your client.


7. Analytical skills

This is one of the many roles of a successful VA that adds value to their client.  No matter what niche you’re serving as VA, You want to be able to analyze the numbers, performance, and point out what’s working or not working for your client. Besides, this allows you to gauge how effective your strategies might be. Moreover, you can also use these analytics as part of your testimonials when talking to potential clients.


8. Networking skills

As an independent contractor, expect that you will lose and gain new clients constantly. You will end contracts with old clients and start new relationships with new clients. Having good networking skills will allow you to flow between these extremes effortlessly. Looking for new clients won’t be a challenge for you when you network often as it’s much easier for those in your network to refer new clients to you.


Must have virtual assistant software tools

These are the tools you need to make the best use of your virtual assistant skills.

  •  Google Drive/ dropbox

These will allow your client to share multimedia files with you securely. Be it pictures or videos folders


  • Last pass

This password manager allows you to access client passwords. Your client doesn’t have to worry about their account security with LastPass as the passwords are encrypted then shared.

  • Skype/ zoom

Zoom is a free video conferring software you can use if for a video meeting with your client.

  • Buffer

Buffer is an essential scheduling tool for social media managers. You can use it to plan and schedule out content across multiple social media platforms.  Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


  • Canva

An essential tool for graphic designers or social media managers. This software allows you to create eye-catching graphics. Besides, canvas allows you to collaborate with your team on a project with comments and notes.


  • Asana

Working remotely doesn’t have to mean team projects need to be delayed. With asana, you can plan out, schedule, and keep track of your team’s progress. Your clients can easily add activities and you can notify them when done.


In demand virtual assistant skills conclusion

Working as a virtual assistant is a demanding job. You find yourself handling multiple responsibilities for your clients and your business. The only way to do this successfully is by having the right skills and tools. Must have skills for any virtual assistant includes planning, prioritizing, communication, networking, attention to detail, analytical, and commitment to learning. These are the skills needs to successfully serve your clients well and support your business.

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