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The ultimate Pinterest manager course


Pinterest virtual assistant course

Working from home online is a dream come true for many people. Whether you want to avoid the hustle of a daily commute or want the freedom to determine your schedule.


One of the easiest ways to get started is being a social media manager. Specifically a Pinterest virtual assistant.


Whether you love using Pinterest or have an eye for design, being a Pinterest manager is a great way to earn money online. However, working as a Pinterest manager is a business with its demands.


You have to learn how to handle different clients, expectations, and invoices. Not to forget, it’s your responsibility to look for new clients to meet your income goals.  This requires a certain skill set and knowledge.


One way to ensure you’re doing the right thing is by investing in the right Pinterest management courses. You’ll save yourself time and money that would otherwise be spent trying to figure things out.


Being a Pinterest manager myself, I know how valuable getting the right course can be.


When I got started, I invested in a course that gave me an overview of what to expect working as Pinterest VA, but it didn’t show me how to get clients. I spent countless months experimenting and struggling to find my way.


Once I got multiple clients, I got overwhelmed, I had no idea how to work with all of them at the same time. You can avoid all that stress with the right investment. In this post, I’ll share with you the best Pinterest manager course to buy.


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Best Pinterest manager courses.

The best Pinterest manager courses I would advise anyone to but include;

1. The Pinterest VA Guidebook.

2.  Pinterest VA Ninja.

3.  Become a Pinterest VA.


1. The Pinterest VA Guidebook

Cost: $49.99

Instructor: Sandra (me)

I created the Pinterest VA Guidebook because I couldn’t afford to spend $$$$. When I first got started as Pinterest VA, I was desperate and broke. I knew how to use Pinterest, I had been using Pinterest for my blog but I didn’t know how to turn that into a business.


My main consideration when choosing which course to buy was how much money I had less than $200 to my name. After the purchase, I quickly realized I had to do lots of research to supplement the information in the course.


It didn’t show me how to send cold emails. It didn’t talk about how many times to follow up( a crucial part in client acquisition). With Pinterest VA Guidebook, I understood the struggle.


I wanted to create something that would include all the information you need for success especially for those who needed it the most.


You’ll learn everything you need to get started as a Pinterest VA. Where to find clients. How to email and follow up with clients. And most importantly how to work with multiple clients with overwhelm.


In addition, I share with you the tools and tips I have discovered along the way that have made my work as VA so much easier. Click here to buy the  Pinterest VA Guidebook.


Pinterest manager course


2. Pinterest VA Ninja

Cost: $147

Instructor: Megan Johnson

Pinterest VA ninja is one of the courses I took when I first got started. It’s a great course for beginners VAs. The course is broken down into chapters covering different aspects of being a VA.  This includes;

  • Chapter 1: VA Website
  • 2: Duties of a Pinterest VA
  • Chapter 3: Invoces + Banking + Taxes (the legal stuff)
  • 4: Pinterest VA Packages
  • Chapter 5: Clients contracts and other templates you need
  • 6: Monthly analytics reports
  • Chapter 7: Reviews and referrals
  • 8: Marketing your business


The e-book is a quick read and you’ll be able to go through it in a matter of hours. However because it covers so many aspects, I found that it didn’t go in-depth on some crucial aspects of being a VA.


What I loved about the course is that it has a Facebook group. This provides a good support system especially when you’re just getting started. You can comfortably ask all questions and read through other people’s experiences. Click here to buy Pinterest VA Ninja.


Course by Kristen Larden and Gina Horkey


3. Become a Pinterest VA

Cost: $899

Instructors: Kristen Larden and Gina Horkey

As a beginner, this is the course I desperately wanted to buy if only I had enough money. You’re getting all the value for your money plus some because it takes you through the process of being a Pinterest VA.  You’ll learn everything including;

  • Understanding your role as Pinterest VA
  • Services you can offer as VA
  • Pricing and charging for your services
  • How to find your first clients
  • Work with your first clients
  • Pinterest, Tailwind, and Canva training
  • Promoted pins training.


What I love about this course is that it doesn’t just stick to teach you how to offer one service. No, you get to learn about other services you can offer as  Pinterest VA. The more you can offer the more you can charge.


Even though the price is very hefty, this is a good investment if you can afford it. I love the instructors also includes promoted pins training. As Pinterest shifts towards e-commerce. More creators are opting to invest in promoted pins to sell more.


Overall, you can expect to learn about all the aspects of being a Pinterest VA. Besides, with all the value you get with just the bones training, the course is worth it. Click here to get started with the Pinterest VA course.


Pinterest manager course by Anne


4. Become a successful Pinterest manager

Cost: $597

Instructor: Anna Bennett


Anna is the founder of white glove social media agency. With almost 30-years of working as a business coach, you can trust that she knows her stuff.  She was also chosen by Pinterest as part of the elite Pinterest Business expert team.


Her course promised to give you the blueprint you need for success as a Pinterest manager. You’ll learn everything you need to know including;

  • Setting up your VA website.
  • How to define your brand.
  • How to price your services.
  • Pinterest ads (how to get started).
  • Choosing your niche.
  • How to find your first client.
  • The right questions to ask your clients.
  • How to work with multiple clients.
  • Tools you need for success.


Even with a high price tag of $597, Anna promised that you will save more by taking the course rather than trying it on your own. Besides, she provides extra value with some really great bonuses.


First,  you get one  60-minute coaching session with her every month for at least 6-months after purchasing the course. You’ll also get over 40-templates and checklists to use making the course well worth the price.  Click here to purchase Anna’s Pinterest manager course.


Kathryn Moorhouse Pinterest gameplan course


5. The Pinterest Gameplan

Cost:  $899

Instructor: Kathryn Moorhouse

Unlike other courses on this list, The Pinterest gameplan isn’t about helping you get started as a Pinterest manager. It focuses on helping you succeed and get the best results for your clients.


In this course, you have access to 10-core chapters that are delivered to you over a 1o weeks. Making it easy for you to go through each course, and implement before moving on to the next chapter.


You’ll also get access to templates,  swap files, and checklists to use to make your work easier. Overall you can expect to learn;

  • Understand Pinterest marketing features
  • How to implements these features for each of your clients
  • Using  Pinterest to connect with your client’s goals
  • How to make yourself valuable to your client
  • Handling Pinterest updates and changes
  • How to create a strategy for your clients


The course is best suited for intermediate to advanced Pinterest managers. If you’re struggling with finding a strategy that works for your clients, I would recommend this course.  Click here to gets started with the Pinterest gameplan course.


Abbey Ashely Savvy Training lab


6. The savvy vault

Cost: $47/month

Pinterest course instructor: Brandi Mowles

The savvy training lab is a membership-based training program by Abbey Ashely. What you’re getting here is more than just how to become a Pinterest VA.


If you were wondering what services you can offer in addition to being a VA, wonder no more. The vault offers you access to 50+ VA courses on a membership plan with the option to cancel anytime.


You can get started with the Pinterest VA course and also take up the course on Facebook management. What I love about this program is that you can take as many courses as you want and make yourself invaluable to your client.


At just $47/month, the question is how fast can you learn. Click here to get started with the savvy vault.

The best Pinterest management course