how to make money on Pinterest without a blog

How to make money on Pinterest without a blog


How to earn money on Pinterest without a blog

Pinterest is more than just a social media platform. It’s seen massive growth year after year and now currently boasts of about 400M monthly visitors.


Research shows that for 48% of users on the platform, shopping is a priority. This means for small business owners, Pinterest is a gold-mine waiting to be explored when it comes to product sales.


Even without a blog, you can still take advantage of this powerful platform to earn money. Here’ how to do it;


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Making money on Pinterest without a blog

Even without a blog, you can still take advantage of Pinterest traffic to make money. Here are the 4 best ways to do so;


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1. Become a Pinterest VA or Pinterest manager

Pinterest is a great source of traffic for small business owners and brands. However, the platform requires a lot of commitment to achieve and maintain success.


For most people, this is something they would rather outsource to an assistant. A Pinterest VA works on behalf of clients to keep up with the daily demands of Pinterest marketing.


VAs primarily work to save clients time and allow them to focus on other aspects of their business. Duties of Pinterest VA include;

  1. Creating stunning pin graphics.
  2. Launching pis either manually or via a scheduler.
  3. Creating SEO-optimized pin titles and descriptions.
  4. Creating group boards.
  5. Evaluating group boards etc.
  6. Implementing pinning strategies developed by Pinterest managers.


Pinterest VAs work part-time and earn between $15 – $30/hr depending on experience and hours spent.


Pinterest managers on the other hand are more experienced consultants who come in to help strategize and improve performance. Whether it’s to improve traffic to a blog, site, or conversions on a product.


Due to their proven expertise, they tend to earn higher, approximately $35 – $72/hr.


You can learn more about how to get started as a Manager or assistant using books such as the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook. This e-book will teach you everything you need to know about working as a VA.


Despite its low price, it’s jam-packed with valuable information. You will learn how to get clients, how to pitch to clients, how to price yourself as a Pinterest VA and so much more.


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make money with product pins


2. Product pins

Product pins is a new feature rolled out by Pinterest to enable users to make direct purchases. With product pins, you can shop for specific images you like on a pin.


A time-saving feature for users who want to see and buy not read through articles. A beneficial feature for highly visual niches such as outdoor, home, decor, and fashion just to name a few.


See a couch or shoes you like? Click on the image and you’ll go directly to the seller site.


These are rich-pin enabled meaning they will show you up to date product information. Users can see which items on a pin are best sellers or most popular.


You can read more on how to get started with product pins here.


3. Make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where brands or companies pay you a commission to promote their products or services to your audience.


Even without a blog, you can still make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest. The difference is that you will link directly to the products you’re promoting.


As a beginner, affiliate marketing can be very challenging but it doesn’t have to be with the right resources. Invest in learning material such as Affiliate marketing for beginners 


This course will teach you how to monetize with affiliate marketing. How to choose the best affiliate products, how to improve conversions and more.


Before you get started, you want to make sure that you’re in line with affiliate marketing rules set by Pinterest and the brands you’re working with.


make money with affiliate marketing


Here what to consider ;

  • You must disclose that this is an affiliate relation.
  • Some companies don’t allow you to use their images on Pinterest or other social media platforms. So make sure to check with brands you work with before adding their images to Pinterest
  • Some companies don’t allow you to post direct links without blog posts such as amazon.


To get started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog;


i) Sign up with affiliate programs you want to work with

Sign up for different affiliate programs for products you’d like to promote. You can sign up with affiliate companies such as Flexioffers, Awin, or ShareASale or sign up directly with brands.


ii) Create eye-catching pins

Pinterest is a highly visual platform. The first impression people make of your business is through the pins you create.


To get good traffic from Pinterest, your pin designs have to be very attractive. Most Pinterest users are on mobile so you want them the right size too (2:3 ratio)


Your pins should have the right balance between all visual elements such as images and text size, fonts, and color. If you’re don’t have a good eye for design, you can invest in ready to use, professional pin templates such as Kara Fidd’d mega pin bundle.


Experiment with different pin designs to the same links to see which designs perform better.


To create beautiful pins, use Canva it’s the easiest design platform for beginners. It’s easy to play around with different elements and come up with pin designs quickly


iii) Launch the pins to Pinterest.

Now that you have your pins ready, you can add them to Pinterest manually or via a scheduler.


To do this manually, log in to Pinterest and use the native scheduler or upload the Pin directly. You’ll be able to add a pin title and description before launching the pin to aboard.


You can use an approved scheduler such as Tailwind to make your work easy. This social media scheduling tool upload pins to Pinterest on your behalf n matter the time.


Tailwind is a lifesaver especially if your time is limited or on busy days such as weekends.


link to your eCommerce store


4. Link to your e-commerce site

Do you sell products on Shopify or Etsy?


Why not create pins that link directly to your selling page. This is a great way to promote your most popular products. You can also create awareness for new products too.


In addition, this also a good way to connect with potential buyers.


Final thoughts on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog

Pinterest users are willing to spend money given the right product or services. Currently, about 97% of searches on the platforms are unbranded meaning that users are open to new products and brands.


You too can tap into this market and make money on Pinterest. Moreover, you can do it even without a blog, you can offer services such as Pinterest Virtual assistant, or you can create a catalog and offer product pins.


You can also create pins with links to your affiliate products or services or link directly to your e-commerce site. These are the best ways to make money on Pinterest without a blog.


Easy ways to make money on Pinterest without a blog