How to monetize Pinterest traffic


How to make money on Pinterest with a blog

For many people online, Pinterest is the site to search for inspirational home or fashion photos. However, it’s more than just that as it combines the power of search engines with the visual appeal of social media.


The site keeps grows and currently boasts about 435M active visitors per month.


Not only that but Pinterest buyers spend more money than on any other social media platform. They’re also ranked second most powerful when it comes to buying power.


With a little bit of skill and strategy, you can also tap into this growing market and make money on Pinterest.


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Do you need followers to make money on Pinterest?

No, you don’t need lots of followers to make money on Pinterest.


The Pinterest algorithm works in such a way that it shows engaging and Popular content to more than just your followers. It uses saves, comments, and clicks to determine which pins are popular.


This means that a user with 100 followers can get their content seen with as many people as a user with 100k followers. It’s quality over quantity.


So the goal with Pinterest is not to get more followers but to create eye-catching pins. To better understand how Pinterest works, invest in books such as Pinterest strategies.


A blog that makes money on Pinterest


A money-making blog

Having a blog is one of the best online investments you can make. With just $3.99/month, you have a blog that you can use to build your content, attract an audience, and start earning money.


You can start with hosting sites such as Bluehost, it’s cheap yet secure enough to get the job done. You don’t have to worry about being tech-savvy either.


With a content management system such as WordPress, all you need to do is start writing. Here’s how to get your blog ready to start making  money with Pinterest;


  • Choose a Niche

What’s your blog going to be about? Weight loss, your experience as a new mom? Your fitness journey? The options are endless when it comes to your blog niche.


You want to choose something you can make money from. While passion should be a consideration, it shouldn’t be the only determining factor.


  • Write quality content

Your content is what brings you traffic. You want to help your audience solve their problems by providing them with well-researched content.


This way they’ll enjoy your content and also trust the affiliate recommendations you make.


  • Create a Pinterest Business account

Create a Pinterest business account or convert your personal account into a business account. Pinterest only gives business accounts access to analytics.


These analytics show how well your pins are performing. Your most popular pins, best-performing boards, etc.


Create eye catching pins4


  • Create eye-catching pins

The first thing people use to decide whether or not to visit your site is how your pins look.


Learn how to create stunning pin graphics with sites such as Canva, or photoshop. Mix and balance visual elements such as image placements, fonts, and colors to create attractive pins.


You can also buy professionally made templates. I love Kara Fidd’s mega pin bundle as they’re diverse, well done, and ready to use.


  • Share your pins with Pinterest

Now that you have your pins ready, you can link them to your blog posts and launch them on Pinterest. You can do this manually by uploading them to Pinterest.


You can use approved schedulers such as Tailwind. I love using Tailwind because it helps me stay consistent with my pinning something that I tend to forget when I pin manually.


  • Drive Traffic to your site.

With your pins launched, they should start bringing in traffic. With this traffic coming in from Pinterest you can start making money.


How to monetize Pinterest traffic

Now that you have your blog set-up and getting consistent daily traffic.  Here’s how to start making money;


1. Make money with display advertising

Display advertising uses visuals such as images or videos to advertise products and services to your audience as they read a blog post.  Mediavine and Adthrive are two of the most popular advertising networks for bloggers.


Mediavine requires at least 50,000 sessions while adthrive requires 100,000 sessions before you can be accepted into the respective programs.


These companies pay well and you can expect anything from $6- $100 or more for every 1000 pageviews.


2. Make money with Adsense

Adsense is a Google-owned advertising company. They’re a great option for beginners as they have no requirements. You can start earning as soon as you have traffic to your blog.


However, be aware that the pay is usually very mediocre. Many bloggers would rather wait to meet mediavine requirements.  In comparison, while 40,000 sessions can earn you $750/month on Mediavine.


On Adsense, those same numbers can earn you about $150/month.


affiliate marketing to make money on Pinterest


3. Make money with affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, companies or brands pay a commission to share their products with your audience.  You can share links to these products or services within your blog posts.


You get paid when someone makes a purchase using the link you shared. Most companies pay anywhere between 10% – 40% of the transaction at no extra cost to the buyer.


Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating with courses such as Affiliate marketing for bloggers. This course by Cary Campbell teaches you all basics of affiliate marketing.


It covers everything from how to choose affiliate products, where to place affiliate links, how to improve conversion and so much more.


4. Make money selling your own products

Another way you can make money from Pinterest with a blog is to sell your products. Once you have an audience and understand their needs and wants, why not create a product?


This is what the creators of the six-figure blogger course did for their health and wellness site Avocadu.


Because most of their audience loved Yoga and wanted to lose weight. They combined bost aspects and came up with a weight loss program that incorporates yoga.


The program was an instant hit earning them consistently over $10000/month since its launch.


You can enroll in the six-figure course to learn more about how to get started with product creation. The course will teach you everything from brainstorming product ideas,  validating your ideas, and how to sell the product.


You can create products such as;

  • Ebooks such as my Pinterest VA Guidebook.
  • Courses
  • Printables
  • Checklists
  • Cheatsheets
  • Planners (digital and physical)


5. Make money offering a service.

You can also create a dedicated website just to offer a service. With a blog, you can easily advertise your services, with client testimonials, and reviews.


As more and more businesses create an online presence, there has been an increased demand for virtual assistants. With niches that are administrative, technical, and creative being the most in-demand.


If you’re good at any of these you can offer a service to assist bloggers or brands remotely. A good example is the growing demand for Pinterest VA and Pinterest managers.


Working as a Pinterest VA, you can earn an extra $1000 every month part-time. Learn more about how to get started working as Pinterest VA with this guidebook.


Final thoughts on how to monetize Pinterest traffic

A blog is one of the best investments you can make when you want to earn online. Moreso, if you want to make money with Pinterest as you can monetize in different ways


The best ways being through display advertising, affiliate marketing, Adsense, or selling your own products or services.

How to make money using Pinterest

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