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Pinterest Manager :How to get started


How to become a Pinterest manager

According to recent research, 8 out of 10 users have bought a product based on the content they’ve come across on Pinterest. The platform is proving itself as an invaluable resource for small business owners and brands due to its user’s powerful spending abilities.


A fact that many businesses can no longer ignore.


However, getting successful on the platform is not as simple as uploading a colorful photo with text. There’s much more to it than that, rules to be followed and guidelines that creators need to use.


For some, no matter how much they try, they can’t seem to get Pinterest right hence the need for a Pinterest Manager.


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Who is a Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager is an expert that helps business and brands strategize and improve their performance on Pinterest over time.


Whether the goal is to improve traffic, sell more products or services. Pinterest managers will help create a strategic plan for the business to improve in their target areas.


Duties of a Pinterest manager

A Pinterest manager works on behalf of the client. That means they’re in charge of all activities that will help them achieve their goals. Be it improve traffic, conversions, or email sign-ups.


You can learn more about these duties from the $50 Pinterest VA Guidebook. This includes doing activities such as;


  • Come up with a Pinterest strategy

A Pinterest manager is required to come up with and test different strategies to improve performance. Whether it the number of pins being scheduled, pin designs, or scheduling time.


There are so many factors that can affect performance on Pinterest. A manager will be able to evaluate and analyze all these factors to give the client the best strategy.


  • Account setup

For clients new to Pinterest, managers can help set up their Pinterest accounts the right way. This will include things such as converting personal to business accounts, claiming the website, enabling rich pins, and so on.


Board creation


  • Board creation and setup

Boards are where you organize and save your pins to.  In addition, these boards act as archives for other users on Pinterest to quickly look through similar pins.


Pinterest managers can help business set up their boards.


  • Keyword research and analysis

Just like Google, Pinterest has its own search engine optimization rules.


This is one of the factors it considers when ranking new and old pins. Pinterest managers can help with research to find out which keywords are used in a particular niche.


These keywords are then used in Pin titles and descriptions to give Pinterest a better understanding of what your content is about.


  • Pin design and creation

Pin creation is also one of the major daily activities Pinterest managers have to keep up with.  Because Pinterest is a highly visual search engine, Pinterest managers have to create attractive pins to get people to click on the client’s site.


  • Pin scheduling

Pinterest managers can schedule pins manually or via Tailwind. With approved schedulers like Tailwind, you don’t have to worry about time zones differences.


You can schedule pins to go out at whatever time best suits the client’s audience.


  • Find and join group boards

Group boards allow content creators to collaborate by sharing their pins to a common board. Pinterest managers can help find powerful boards to share your client’s work too.


In addition, they can also help evaluate the strength of these boards over time.

How to become a Pinterest manager

1. Learn and understand how Pinterest works

A Pinterest manager works as a consultant, they come in to fix, repair, or improve Pinterest marketing on behalf of their clients. To able to do this, you need to have a deep understanding of how Pinterest works.


A manager should be able to advise clients on the best strategy to use to improve their performance.


Create pins with canva


2. Learn how to use canvas or photoshop.

We know that Pinterest is a visual search engine but most people tend to overlook the power of pin designs. Even with the right strategy in place with poor pin design, results will be compromised.


A Pinterest manager should be able to work with photo editing sites. This makes it easier to come up with pin templates for clients.

3. Create a dedicated website for your services

Having a dedicated website about your service is a must-have when you want to work as a Pinterest manager. It’s the best place to share your client’s results and testimonials.


Also, it provides social proof for new clients that you actually know what you’re doing. It can make a huge difference when it comes to determining your rates too.


Here is a list of some of the best Pinterest manager websites to inspire you.


  1. Bytebodega by Chynna
  2. Haskin creatives by Megan
  3. Cara Chace by  Cara
  4. Katie Harp creative by Katie Harp
  5. Caffeine and Conquer by Sarah


4. Start pitching to clients

The best way to get clients as a Pinterest manager is to pitch to them directly. Direct them to your dedicated site where they can learn more about your service and read through testimonials


Also, you can also advertise your services on Facebook groups.


5. Stay updated on current interest trends or changes

Pinterest just like any other social media platform is constantly changing and evolving. As a Pinterest manager, you want to be on top of all these changes so they don’t affect your clients.


For regular updates on these changes check blog or podcasts dedicated to Pinterest such as

Simple pin media

Pinterest mastermind group by Carly


Best courses for Pinterest managers

Investing in top-rated courses is the best way to shorten your learning curve as a Pinterest Manager. Reading top-rated books will save you time and prevent costly mistakes.


To learn about Pinterest best practices and strategies. Here are the best courses I would recommend;


learn about Pinterest


I love this book by Carly because it will help you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works without overwhelming you with information.


It’s perfect for beginner or intermediate Pinetert users alike. In addition, you will also learn;

  • How to set up your Pinterest account
  • Understand how different niches perform on Pinterest
  • Help you understand how Pinterest SEO works
  • How to come up with optimized pin descriptions
  • Group boards

I cannot recommend this course/ebook enough as it’s proven to a total game-changer for many people.


Even though Carly’s books is a must-have. She’s a strong believer in the power of manual pinning. However working as a Pinterest manager with multiple clients, manual pinning is going to be tricky.


Keep in mind that your clients might be in different time zones from you. That’s why I recommend the Pinterest launch plan by Jennifer maker. She shows you how to use Tailwind the right way.


In addition, she shares with you her best tips and tricks learned over the years. Being one of the few 7-figure bloggers you bet the tips are worth it.


Kara Fidd’s Mega pin creation bundle

Great design is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to success on Pinterest. If you struggle with pin design, then this is for you. You get ready to use professionally made pins that you can use for you and your clients.


With this pin bundle, you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right or not. Kara is an experienced designer who shows you how to combine design elements such as images, texts, colors, and fonts the right way.



The Pinterest VA Guidebook

Whether you’re a Pinterest assistant or manager,  this book has everything you need to know.


Expect to learn;

  • How to get clients
  • How to pitch to clients via email
  • Email templates you can use
  • Factors to consider when pricing your services
  • Tips for success, working as a Pinterest manager


How much do Pinterest managers make?

Because Pinterest managers are more experienced. They earn upwards of $30 – $70/hr. With those with more experience earning even more.


Compared that to the $15- $30/hr most Pinterest virtual assistants make, it’s pretty clear that much more is expected of them if a Pinterest manager.


How to get jobs as aPinterest manager

Getting clients is one of the biggest challenges when working as a Pinterest manager and covered extensively in the Pinterest VA Guidebook.


Because you’re working independently, it’s up to you to find new clients as a beginner. However, with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to be. The best way to find new clients is by;


  • Email outreach

Email is still the most powerful to look for new clients as a Pinterest manager. The Pinterest VA Guidebook provides you with a free email template to use if you’re not sure how to get started with email outreach.


With email, you get a chance to actively search for new clients.


  • Facebook groups

Facebook groups are another way to find new clients. However, this approach can be very passive as most groups won’t allow you to actively promote your services.


You can only promote your services if someone asks.


create a client referral system


  • Client referrals

Not for beginners but a good way for more experienced managers to get new clients. You can offer current clients a small discount for any new referrals they send your way.


Maybe $50 off their monthly payment or something different.


I love this approach because word of mouth is powerful for advertising. You don’t have to do so much to land clients as they come in already believing in your expertise.


  • Family and friends

If you’re too afraid to get started with email outreach, why not try family and friends. They’re more likely to hire you. This can be a good opportunity to boost your confidence till you get started with email outreach.


Pinterest manager final thoughts

To become a Pinterest manager you should have a good understanding of how Pinterest marketing works. Investing in top-rated courses is the best way to gain in-depth knowledge about how the platform works


Second, create a dedicated Pinterest manager website to showcase client testimonials and reviews. Use email outreach to pitch to potential clients about your services and start working.

5 Simple Steps to Become a Pinterest Manager