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Best virtual assistant services

Working from home is one of the biggest perks of being a virtual assistant. Not only that, the number of clients you work with and how much to charge is entirely up to you. But before you get there you have to decide what niche you’re best suited to serve. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none when working as VA as it will reflect in your work. You want to give your clients the best possible service and that means being good at what you do. With so many businesses online? How do you choose which niche is best for you? In this post, we are going to share with you a list of virtual assistant services that are always in demand.


Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who assists clients with administrative, technical, or other services remotely. While most assistants work in administrative positions. As a VA, your options are endless. You can work in whichever industry you are good at as a virtual assistant.


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Best virtual assistant services

1. Pinterest management

For many businesses and brands online, Pinterest has proven to be one of the top sources of referral traffic thanks to it’s 400M monthly user base. With such a growing presence, the power of Pinterest cannot be ignored. Whether a business wants to create brand awareness, sell a product, sell a service, or as a traffic source. Pinterest VAs works on behalf of clients to keep up with the demands of Pinterest. Duties of Pinterest virtual assistant include;

  • Account setup and optimization.
  • Creating pins.
  • Scheduling pins either manually or via Tailwind.
  • Creating boards.
  • Applying to group boards.
  • Coming up with SEO-optimized pin titles and descriptions.
  • Managing promoted pins.
  • Monthly analysis and strategy.


To start working as a Pinterest virtual assistant, I suggest investing in books such as the Pinterest VA Guidebook ($50). You’ll learn what’s expected of you, how to price your services, how to find clients, and much more.


graphic design virtual assistant services


2. Graphic design

With so much emphasis on click-worthy images and videos, graphic design is one skill that’s always in demand.  Many platforms such as Pinterest require that you have a good eye for design to achieve and maintain success. For many of us who struggle to create the right balance between visual elements, this is one task we’d rather outsource. Duties of a graphic designer who work as a virtual assistant may vary from client to client but typically involve;

  • Branding services from logo, website design, etc
  • Create stunning graphics for social media.
  • Photo editing.
  • Designing printables, PDFs, worksheets, workbooks, slide decks.
  • Creating graphics for webinars, workshops, courses.
  • Digital and physical product design.
  • Website design


If you are good at graphic design, you can sign up on A site where you can sell your services to willing buyers at a premium fee.


3. Social media management

Every business wants to have a social media presence. Not just for marketing purposes but to create a good relationship with customers. To do this, businesses have to find a way to engage with their customers. This may include things such as putting out content be it its images, stories, or posts. Moreover, buyers want their questions, or comments answered. Hence the growing demand for social media assistants.  Duties of social media assistant include;

  • Creating necessary social media accounts.
  • Creating a content calendar.
  • Managing Facebook groups.
  • Creating posts.
  • Responding to comments and questions.
  • Answering messages.
  • Creating social media graphics.


If you’d like to work as a social media manager, check out the launch of your social media biz course. You’ll learn the services to offer, the best platforms to work with and how to get your business started, etc.


assist with email management


4. Email management

According to this research by Adobe, the average American office worker spends 5 hours a day reading and responding to emails. 5-productive hours that could have been spent working on other aspects of the business. It’s no surprise that so many people struggle this way. And with an inbox full of unread messages who can blame them? You don’t want to miss out on important messages from co-workers or customers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case when you outsource your email management to a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant in this niche, your work is to take your client from being overwhelmed to having a system in place. Cut down those 5-hours a day to a few minutes daily. You can expect to do tasks such as;

  • Setting up the right email labels.
  • Filtering emails to match corresponding labels.
  • Creating automated replies.
  • Create email templates for clients.
  • Create a forwarding system if appropriate.


Check out the email management biz course, if you’re interested in working in this niche. In this course, you’ll learn what duties are expected of you. Gmail setting you should know, how to get clients and how to come up with the right system for your client.


5. Admin and Customer service

Online businesses are growing year by year and with that comes an increased demand for customer service VAs. Especially so for businesses launching a product, courses, or selling anything online. When working as a virtual assistant in this field, you’re the first person the buyer interacts with and that means you have to put your best foot forward. Common duties involve;

  • Responding to customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Monitoring and reading through emails.
  • Dealing with refunds.
  • Assisting with social media lives or on webinars.
  • Following up with clients.
  • Managing comments on blog posts.
  • Maintaining client calendar.
  • Scheduling or canceling appointments.
  • Taking minutes/notes in team minutes.
  • Following up with order issues (undelivered, failed payments, etc)
  • Uploading tracking information.


copywriting virtual assistant services


6. Copywriting

Content is still king for all businesses online. It’s one of the best ways to engage with customers by providing value, with the right type of content. This means being able to put out content often either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. As a virtual assistant, you can offer this service in addition to blog management as they pair well together.  You can expect to do activities such as;

  • Create and edit blog posts.
  • Add images to blog posts.
  • Come up with a content calendar.
  • Create sales copies for product or course launches.
  • Adding lead magnets to appropriate posts.
  • Help in writing ebooks, guides, etc
  • Create product descriptions.
  • Come up with guest submissions.


7. Bookkeeping

As online businesses start making more and more money, there is a need to keep the business finances in order. Not just for tax purposes but the growth of the business too. However, many business owners don’t like having to deal with the nitty-gritty of the numbers. It’s time-consuming balancing the books, following up on payments, and still working to keep clients happy. If you love working with numbers you can work as a bookkeeper. As a  bookkeeper, your work is to keep an updated record of the client’s daily finances. Here’s what is expected of you;

  • Keep a daily record of finances.
  • Following up on missed payments.
  • Preparing monthly financial statements.
  • Create invoices.
  • Make sure all invoices are paid.
  • Pay contractors on time.
  • Help prepare for taxes etc.
  • Reconciling statements.


Working as a bookkeeper is a service that will require a deep level of trust and attention to detail. You can learn how to get started and more from this bookkeeping course.


lead generation


8. Lead generation

Do you enjoy marketing? Do you like the challenge of turning a potential client into a buyer? Then lead generation might be for you. For businesses that create products often but have no time to go out looking for potential buyers, as an assistant, you can come in to do this on their behalf. The goal of lead generation is to attract potential customers and convert them into buyers. To successfully do this, you’ll have to

  • Set up a system to attract leads.
  • Evaluate which system works best (email, social, content)
  • Gauge interest.
  • Qualify lead.
  • Facebook lead generation.
  • Twitter lead generation.


9. Sales funnel

Converting a customer into a buyer is not just as simple as launching a product. As we learn more about buyer behavior online, it seems there is a system through which buyers like to follow. This system is what is known as a sales funnel. Each stage of the sales funnel walks the buyer through everything they’d like to know about a product while building trust and eliminating doubt. A misstep in the sales funnel can mean low sales on a perfectly good product. If you’re good at creating a sales funnel that converts, you can offer this as a service. Here are tasks you can expect to do;

  • Design and create attractive landing pages.
  • Come up with content to be used on the landing page.
  • Image optimization.
  • Video optimization.
  • Come up with automation rules.
  • Heatmap tracking for better analysis.
  • Setup chat support or email support.
  • Track and evaluate page performance


offer tech support services


10. Tech support

The demand for tech support is growing as more and more business shift their presence online. Because even though you don’t have to be tech-savvy to start a blog or site, you have to have some tech support to maintain it. From customizing design code, fixing code errors, fighting off spammers to optimizing site speed, and all other tech issues. Having standby tech support is a must for successful businesses. Here’s are some of the duties you can expect to do as tech VA;

  • Site speed optimization.
  • Setting up analytics.
  • Systems integration.
  • Web design.
  • Provide tech support for webinars or product launches.
  • Integrating landing pages and e-commerce sites.
  • Customizing site code.
  • Troubleshooting tech errors.
  • Site backup and security.


How to start working as a Virtual assistant.

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Decide on what services you’ll offer and your rates
  3. Create a dedicated site to showcase your services, rates, and client testimonials
  4. Start networking and pitching your services to potential clients
  5. Start working with clients



Final thoughts on virtual assistant services

Demand for virtual assistant services is growing as more and more businesses gain an online presence. For many who like to work from home finding the right niche to offer this type of service is the first step. Most in-demand virtual assistant services include; Pinterest VAs, social media, blog management, graphic design, tech support, lead generation and sales, bookkeeping, and customer service. If you’re already experienced in these fields, you can start working as a virtual assistant.

Most in-demand virtual assistant services

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