What does a Pinterest manager do?

Pinterest management


Pinterest management services

A Pinterest manager works to keep up with the day to demands of the social media platform on behalf of clients.


But what exactly does this entail?


Because the Pinterest platform is growing and changing. The number of services you can offer as a manager is also evolving. It’s not as simple as designing and scheduling pins only.


Here’s everything you need to know;


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What does a Pinterest manager do?

1. Pinterest account creation

Setting up a business account on Pinterest can be intimidating. From claiming your account, setting up boards, etc. Many businesses new to Pinterest are now turning to VAs to help them with this setup.


As a Pinterest VA, you can offer this as a service.


Pin design



2. Designing pins

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pin design can make or break your Pinterest game.  Your pin has to be the right size, not too distracting or too neutral that it doesn’t stand out.


Many clients dread the prospect of mixing and matching fonts and colors to create the perfect eye-catching pin.


As a Pinterest manager, this is one of the duties you can expect to do.  You can offer this service on its own or as part of your Pinterest management package.


However, you can still work as Pinterest VA even if you’re not so good at design. Make sure to use pre-made templates.



3. Scheduling pins

The Pinterest feed thrives on fresh pins that are scheduled onto the platform every day.


Once you have your pin designed,  you have to schedule it out to Pinterest. You can do this manually by uploading it to Pinterest or via a scheduler such as Tailwind.


As a Pinterest manager, it’s your job to maintain a regular pinning schedule on behalf of your clients.


Come up with pin descriptions



4. Come up with pin descriptions

Pin descriptions help Pinterest understand what your pin is about so it ranks it correctly.  Pin title and descriptions are what helps the algorithm differentiate between a pin on healthy chicken recipes vs a pin on best vegetarian recipes.


As Pinterest VA, it is your job to come up with the right pin descriptions and titles for every pin you schedule.



5. Create new boards or archive boards

Boards on Pinterest are a collection of similar pins on the same topic. These boards make it easy for users to browse throw similar pins giving users the best possible experience.


For bloggers and other business owners, good performing boards offer maximum reach for their pins.


As Pinterest VA, you need to check often and determine which boards perform well and pin to them. While boards that are not performing should be archived.


Also, when working with group boards with multiple contributors. It’s your job to ensure that all contributors stick to board rules to avoid spamming.


6. Keyword research

Pinterest also has its own SEO rules that the algorithm uses to rank pins.


A slight misspelling or using a synonym can prevent your pins from ranking. As a Pinterest manager, it’s your job to keep up with your clients’ keyword research.


Because using the right keywords means your client’s pins will rank better and hence better results.


Paid ad promotions


7. Promoted pins

Promoted pins is a new business feature that Pinterest introduced to allow creators to further their reach with paid ads.


You can use promoted pins to create brand awareness, sell a digital product, sell a course etc. Many Pinterest Managers are now learning how to do this to help their clients.



How to become a Pinterest manager

The first step in becoming a Pinterest manager is knowing how to use Pinterest. Once you understand the basics of Pinterest you can assist other business owners.


Also, invest in courses and other training resources. Courses such as the Pinterest VA Guidebook are a must-have, especially as a beginner.  It will teach you everything you need to know about being a Pinterest VA.


You’ll learn how to search for prospective clients. How to reach out to clients, and follow up with them. Besides, you’ll also learn how to get started working with multiple clients without getting overwhelmed.




How to charge for Pinterest management

How much to charge for your services is one of the many things I struggled with as a new VA. I didn’t want to overcharge and take advantage of my clients. At the same time, I didn’t want to undercharge and lose out.


I wanted fair compensation for my time. There are two ways you can go about this;


1. Charge by the hour

Some Pinterest managers prefer to charge for their services hourly rather than in a package.  You set a fixed price such as $45/hr or less and then start working on your tasks.


After completion and with the use of time-managements apps you can determine how much the client needs to pay you in total.


Even though this method seems fairly straightforward, I don’t like it as I have refined my skills over time. Tasks that used to take me 1-hour might now take 30-minutes which means with an hourly system I will lose out.



2. Charge a monthly fee.

Many Pinterest VAs, also prefer to charge for services under a monthly fee. This package often encompasses different aspects of Pinterest such management such as pin design, pin scheduling, and keyword research.


Depending on your skillset, you charge as low as $150/month or as high as $500/month.


signing a contract


Pinterest management contract

As a beginner, a contract helps set the terms and conditions of your working relationship with your clients.  You can cover issues such as late payments, termination notice, refunds, etc.


You can buy legal templates such as these freelancer legal templates from Amira Law.  Or you can have one custom made for you. Send the contract to your client via sites such as Hellosign for signing.



Final thoughts on Pinterest management

There are many services you can offer as part of your Pinterest management. You can offer these services as a package to your clients or offer them separately.


This includes services such as pin design, pin scheduling, account creation, or Pinterest account cleanup.


Pinterest account management